Sea Salmon Saturdays said the Sea Man by the Sea shore

by Nicci on 08/22/2009

Sea Salmon Saturdays said the Sea Man by the Sea shore!

Now try saying that 10 times really super fast! I’m just in a dorky mood tonight, sorry guys.  For some reason after doing laundry with Chris I got a sudden burst of energy, out of nowhere.  I went crazy in the produce dept. at our local grocery store and was about to have a ‘‘foodgasm” in the dairy.  Finally Oikos is on the shelf again at the grocer I like, b/c it’s usually cheaper there!  So, tonight I give you the delicious Salmon burger I made for the boyfriend and myself with corn on the side.

nicoles pics 571Smile for me baby!

nicoles pics 570

nicoles pics 572

Now here’s my Oikos I’m proud to have back in the frig!

nicoles pics 577

The Green Tea I was surprised tasted so goodnicoles pics 573

I’m logging off now to watch HgTv (slight obsessed with) and read the two new mags I picked up tonight.  Alicia Silverstone on the cover; I love that Vegan Girl too. Looking forward to read up on her and check out new exercises in Fitness Mag.

nicoles pics 576Good Night :D

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Erica August 23, 2009 at 8:57 am

Dinner looks great! I love going food shopping for the produce alone :) HGTV is SO addicting. Hope you enjoyed it and your magazines!!

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