Yoga on the Texas Rangers Outfield

by Nicci on 07/11/2010

If I had a ”bucket list” I could mark off: Yoga on a baseball field!! I may need to create my bucket list now.

Chevy  invited me out  to another fun event on Saturday: Chevy Women’s Yoga Series.

Remember back in March when I participated in the Chevy Girlfriend Getaway;  I do miss test driving the Malibu.

My best friend Kirstyn joined me for ‘Hot Yoga’ on the outfield, sweat was dripping before we even started.  Kirstyn’s sister works for Chevy, so she came out for yoga too.




 Delicious fruit and yogurt bar after Yoga.

Not to mention a great swag bag: free yoga mat, water bottle, keychain… plus free tickets to a home game. 

I’m ready for that home game later this month with Chris, he was stoked about the free tickets.

What fun things happend to you over the weekend?


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Shape Up in Style

by Nicci on 06/14/2010

Do you plan your workouts or wing it?

Part of my mission to bounce back & stay in shape is the new workout schedule I have committed to keeping for June (so far so good) and planning ahead keeps me accountable.

Month of June


June 2010

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
May 30 Softball practice May 31s Rest 1 Zumba Class

2 Zumba Class

3 Total Body Crunch Cardio 4 Weights AM, Rest PM 5 3 mile run
6 Softball practice 7 Zumba Class 8 Yoga AM, 3 mile run PM 9 Zumba Class 10 Total Body Crunch Cardio 11 Weights AM, Rest PM 12 4 mile run
13 Softball practice 14 Zumba Class 15 Yoga AM, 3 mile run PM 16 Zumba Class 17 Total Body Crunch Cardio 18 Weights AM, Rest PM 19 3 mile run
20 Sons of Pitches -First Softball Game 21 Zumba Class 22 Yoga AM, 3 mile run PM 23Zumba Class 24 Total Body Crunch Cardio 25 Weights AM, Rest PM 26 4 mile run
27 Softball Game 28 Zumba Class 29 Yoga AM, 3 mile run PM 30Zumba Class Notes:

Yoga was not on the schedule today, but being a Monday morning I felt the need to stretch and mentally prepare myself for a busy day at the offce.


Let’s not forget to look cute while working out!!

Yoga Chic & Cheap

What are your workout plans for the day?


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Happy National Yoga Month

by Nicci on 09/01/2009


Yea! for National Yoga Month, I love me some yoga :)   I’ve decided to challenge  myself  and learn a new pose weekly and enroll in a yoga class again! So, I’m off to check out the local rec center or this yoga studio I’ve been to in the past!

Oh…before I leave I started my day with some yummy Whole grain cinnamon toast, Oikos & chai tea. I had hot tea today, but I think it’s still too warm outside to be drinking it hot, in the morning.  I’ll wait till winter comes to drink it hot, so for now it’ll be ice cold tea for me!

nicoles pics 768


nicoles pics 770

Do you practice yoga?  What is your favorite pose?

Don’t forget Life According to Mrs.LC: Vegan Month Challenge, I’m picking Thursdays as my Vegan day!


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I Survived Monday…Happy Tuesday

by Nicci on 08/25/2009

I have to say Tuedays are the best when it comes to Mondays. After coming down with symptoms of a soar throat I swallowed down some Emergen-c and went to bed.

Woke up this morning refreshed and minus a soar throat. I did some yoga stretches and got ready for the work day. I was excited because this is my first board meeting in my new position, but also means I’m stuck at work till 7:30pm. I did buy a new top to wear with a skirt. I haven’t worn a skirt to work in awhile, except to church.

Wanting to go easy on my throat I decided to eat some warm oats.

nicoles pics 610

 Creamy Oatmeal:

  • Spoonfull of Almond Butter
  • Spoonfull of Oikos Vanilla Greek yougurt (it’s hiding)
  • Delicious Strawberries


nicoles pics 612

Have a lovely day!

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