Veggie Spaghetti

by Nicci on 08/20/2009

Quick Fix is what I like when it comes to a meal. I’m trying to do ”meal planning” for the week, we shall see how that works out!  Chris and I went for a walk tonight; 2.39 miles to be exact.  I stress 2.39 miles because he kept teasing me saying ” Just Say 2.4” :) I was definitely tired after our walk around the neighborhood too.  I made a small batch of spaghetti for us to eat in between watching Big Brother and House Hunters.  Right now there is no food in the house; desperately need to go shopping tomorrow!!  This meal took me 30 minutes to prepare and it was delicious.  Plus my meal was obtained from the Dollar Store (most parts: canned pasta and frozen veggies)  Yes, I love a bargain!  The bf didn’t realize there was no meat till after I started laughing!!


Boyfriend: Is there meat balls in here or chicken? (I cook with ground turkey mainly)

Nicci: ”No, what? huh?!”

Boyfriend: ”oh, (sad face) okay”

Nicci: ”Uhmm, what are you talking about?!”

I didn’t understand at first why he asked that…duh! (blonde moment) cauliflower was smothered in sauce!  Apparently it looked like chicken.


nicoles pics 559
nicoles pics 558

Look Ma! No Meat :D

nicoles pics 557

nicoles pics 554

Finally I’m off to bed.  I have enjoyed playing around all week with this new web page of my very own.  I was so scared to self-host but I’m loving it a lot! When it comes down to my readers (the few I have). I tell myself  ”It’s Quality, not Quantity”.

Good Night :)

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Erica August 21, 2009 at 4:11 am

Hey hey! How are you? You do need to pick up some cantaloupe- its so fresh right now yum! Great dinner I love adding veggies to my pasta dishes- filling + Yummy. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Lesley August 21, 2009 at 3:41 am

I love a bargain too, girl!! I’m not sure if I’m the greatest at meal planning myself. I’ve sort of tried it and it sort of didn’t work, ha. You’ll have to let me know how it works for you ; )

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