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by Nicci on 08/31/2011

Good Times at the Healthy Living Summit with blends, Krista and Shannon.

Frito-Lay had a great display table with information on how their products are cooked in healthier oils and seasoned.

How about a GIANT spatula for attendees!


We ROCKED that spatula!

Fitness Recap:

  • Monday- Was a good weight lifting day at Fit Camp. My arms still feel like jello.
  • Tuesday- No packing has occurred yet…I keep looking at things around the apartment; hoping all items will magically appear into boxes. Fixing this fantasy, of boxes magically appearing full, is on tonight’s agenda!
  • Wednesday- Today, I’m nervous about attending my workout because our trainer mentioned we will be trying something new in the gym. As long as it doesn’t hurt me…I’m okay with a new fitness challenge, especially one that will make me stronger.

    Do you push yourself in workouts, liking new challenges or do you stick with the same exercise routine?

    When  is the last time you posed with giant silverware? ;)


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    Always Sunny with Bloggers in Philly

    by Nicci on 06/07/2011

    I’m very excited for the Third Annual Healthy Living Summit being held in Philadelphia this year!

    My first trip to Philadelphia, any suggestions on great places to visit?

    For those of you wondering, this Summit is for bloggers and non-bloggers who are living/seeking a balanced lifestyle.

    I rushed home, from my Monday workout, to purchase a ticket!


    Last year the Summit was held in Chicago….what a blast and learning experience.


    I enjoyed making connections with bloggers all over the globe!


    It’s about community and encouraging each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

    IMG_0405 htp

    Meeting people who are passionate about the same interests.


    If you are attending the Summit….Let’s Connect!

    Take a PEAK at last years Healthy Living Summit…

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