Shake It Like A Salt Shaker

by Nicci on 05/16/2010

”Shake It Like A Salt Shaker”

I think it’s the perfect workout song for the shake weight.

Does this shake weight really work? 


 I’m thinking about getting one just for FUN, though I know it’s sooooo pricey!

I’ll tell you now that this purchase will disappear into the second bedroom closet, after 2 weeks use. 

 Only disappointing thing I’ve found about the weight is it’s only 2 1/2 pounds. Heck, I thought it would at least weigh 5 pounds each.

Does this come in pink or green?  I’d like something cute to match my workout outfits.

Here’s how to use it, in case the weight seems like a tricky device. lol

Come on…who doesn’t want sexy, sculpted arms!

I feel a Wal-mart trip and future ”shake weight” review to come. LOL 

Anyone own a shake weight?

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