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Dr. Kracker Review

by Nicci on 09/12/2009

About a month ago the nice people at Dr. Kracker (Dallas based company) sent me some products to review and sample!  They have 9 flavors of Organic crackers and 5 Organic flat bread flavors.

drkrackerHere’s some FAQ’s about their company:

The Kracker

Our German Roots

In Germany, homeland to founders Klaus Karg and Carsten Kruse, flatbreads are a staple in the best bakeries. In fact, it was in his own grandfather’s bakery in Schwabach that co-founder (Dr.) Klaus Karg began experimenting with cracker recipes in 1997. His goal was to bridge the gap between austere Swedish flatbreads and flavorful specialty breads, and finally, through a focused blend of trial, error, and inspiration, he did it. And, with such winning flatbread combinations as the Emmental Cheese Pumpkin Seed, Seeded Spelt and Klassic 3-Seed crackers, in 2000, he began producing delicious flatbread crackers under the company name of Dr. Karg.

Guess what guys: This Dallas based company consists of only 25 employees! I found that FAQ to be quite Nifty!!

My Favorite Dr. Kracker cracker is the Apple Crisp. I like the sweetness of the cracker and found that it paired well with yogurt.  Yep, I did say yogurt…it was good with plain Greek.

nicoles pics 1000

Apple Crisp: ”Chopped dried apple, toasted whole oats, and crunchy flax and sesame seeds. A sprinkling of natural cane sugar just before baking gives these spelt crackers an engaging caramelized finish.”


organic whole spelt flour, filtered water, cane sugar, butter, organic flax seeds, dried apple, brown sugar, whole oats, organic sesame seeds, yeast, sea salt, organic barley malt syrup, vanilla

contains: wheat, milk

All the flavors I have sampled so far are really crispy and crunchy, full of flavor.  The top of the crackers are filled with all kinds of whole seeds such as sesames seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, tons of herbs and seasoning.

Personally,  I liked the taste of the crackers and so did the boyfriend.  I like to eat crunchy crackers that hold up in dip and these crackers did.  I liked that they are organic & all the ingredients are simple.

You can order these crackers online at their web page or purchase them at local Whole Foods Stores and natural food stores.

Thank you Dr. Kracker for letting me sample and review your products.

More of the many flavors to come…

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