Good Morning March

by Nicci on 03/01/2010

Happy March

I tweeted for a couple days about my Birthday gift from my lovely boyfriend….a new cell phone.  I couldn’t decided what phone to get, but everyone said ”You must get the Iphone, you’ll love it”…and so I did.  Have I become addicted to this device…just a tiny bit. I hope this will pass in a couple days as I’m realizing not every app can be added. I am happy to say my addiction only cost me $10, in apps/ring tones. It’s better than the Itouch that I was gifted last year too. I gave the Itouch to my lil brother, since I see no reason to have both.

I’m sitting at my desk sipping on Hot Pomegranate Pizzazz Tea and playing on the Iphone.


February Fitness:

My 28 days of fitness went well; I had been sneaking fitness in on lunch breaks at work. My gym is across the street which allows me 30 minutes to get on the tread and run. Working out pays off…I’ve lost 5 pounds and notice my jeans are looser.

Goal Accomplished!

Sad to say our laptop finally died the other day, right before I posted a new blog. My plan was to buy a new laptop next week, but I guess this week it will be shopping time! You can expect to see more posts early in the morning from work. Lol

I prefer Dell but Chris likes HP, any suggestions on a laptop brand? What do you have?



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Snow No More

by Nicci on 12/02/2009

Look ya’ll snow in Texas!!!

nicoles pics 271

This snow didn’t stay around too long, by noon the snow had melted away.  :(

Breakfast: Chai Tea and a icky brown banana..still good though.

Snack: peanut butter crackers

nicoles pics 273

Lunch: The best Turkey sandwich EVER!!

nicoles pics 275

My turkey sandwich was simple: Turkey, loads of spinach, light mayo and s&p. I devoured this down, I think I should have eaten a bigger breakfast.

Greek yogurt with raisins. I had tortilla chips, but decided they were too salty to chomp on.

nicoles pics 276

The raisins added the sweetness I was craving.

nicoles pics 277

Yum :P

Dinner: Leftover turkey, sweet potatoes and dressing.  It was good and I ate every bite. No pics…camera died by then.

I added some Christmas to our coffee table last night.

nicoles pics 270

My white/gold candle decided to hide from you…may need a taller one. :)


I haven’t even ran a official 5k, but I’ve decided to challenge myself and run a half with Kels and some other ladies!  Wish me luck!!  I think I’ve lost my mind, but as long as I train, give it my all…I’m Happy!

Have a great night,

- Nicci

PS. (I forgot to mention I’m doing the Dallas Rock n Roll, March 2010)


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Time to Tone

by Nicci on 09/23/2009

I have decided I need to work on my toning.  I want to look hot in my Halloween costume this year and it’s a wee bit tight!  I’m going to take on Jillian using her 30 Day Shred! I’m not big on posting weight and inches but I may do it this time around.

Whose up for a challenge?

I’ll be shredding 3-4 times a week until Oct. 24Th.  This is the perfect time to tone up, since many blogger’s have pulled out their Shred dvds again.  Shoot me an email ( or leave a comment below if you’d like to shred along. I think it would be nice to encourage each other and talk about likes and dislikes while doing this challenge. Or just leave a comment below.

This morning I realized I should invest in a lunch bag, so I’ll be purchasing one after work. I’m starting to carry too many tubs and bags to work plus my giant purse too.

nicoles pics 1205

MMM…Oatmeal with PB and chocolate goodness

nicoles pics 1207

I really enjoyed this breakfast! :)

nicoles pics 1208

I officially had a full tum tum after this.

nicoles pics 1206

I think I had too much fun at work today doing online shopping. Okay, I was just buying office supplies, but any form of shopping is fun for me! (I’m a dork)

Lunch was a bore b/c everyone went home or ate out.

Me and my  AB & JELLY sandwich ate alone in the kitchen :(

nicoles pics 1212

Coconut water, cucumber, Chobani honey flavor and more trailmix.

nicoles pics 1211

YEP, I think I have had enough candy for the week.

nicoles pics 1210

I’ll have a review of Chobani later this week.

Now it’s time to tackle dinner and watch some GLEE from last week on the dvr!

What will you be watching tonight and eating?

Bye :)

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