Reading and Eating My Way to Health

by Nicci on 11/03/2009

I guess Day Light Savings is a good thing after all; plus no stress after sticking with a ”Things to Do” list for work. I’m refreshed and bursting with energy on this Tuesday.

Give yourself a compliment to start the day….

nicoles pics 052.jpg1


nicoles pics 055

Perfect Breakfast Reading…

nicoles pics 057

Part of our office library, it came in the mail before I started my job & nobody read it! I think the old Admin Assist (2 girls ago) tried to start a library…never happened. I’ll read till it stops coming in the mail. lol

Great articles: I need to eat more raw foods.

nicoles pics 058

Lunch Reading…

nicoles pics 064

I love the ”Reader Success Stories” in the front…my favorite part of the magazine for inspiration.

Dear Mr. Tofu,

Your taste even better the next day as leftovers :)

nicoles pics 062

Mr. Cheese as a snack instead of  ”Tempt Nicci with cake” in the break room…WILL POWER :)

nicoles pics 063

More leftovers for dinner…again, yet not disappointed!

Eying this Popcorn Ball, never had one but tempted to eat it as I watch The Hills.

nicoles pics 066

To Eat or Not to Eat ??

(17 dayS, 17 days, 17 days….You know what I’m talking about.)


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Simply Good

by Nicci on 08/31/2009

Tonight we went with leftovers!  Well, for me it was but not for Chris. He had missed out on Chicken Alfredo last night.  I steamed some mixed veggies and made cheesy garlic toast on the side.

nicoles pics 761

I have to make this cheesy garlic toast again…Yummy!

nicoles pics 763

A Simple dinner to end a great Monday.

nicoles pics 766

I passed on dessert, I didn’t do my workout at all… bad Nicci.  That’s okay b/c tomorrow is September 1st and I’m ready for Fall.

My BFF  Kari came to visit me today, I love this girl!  We have been friends forever and were always there for each other!  Here’s some pics of us being goofy…as usual or either just completely bored!

nicoles pics 033

nicoles pics 280

Yea, I think we had too much to drink at Magic Time machine on my B-day!

nicoles pics 448

This time the camera operator had to much to drink!  lol


Goodnight :)

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