Happy New Year-Life Goals In 2010

by Nicci on 01/01/2010


Chris and I had veggie tacos for dinner and stayed home.  I believe I crashed around 12:07, after one glass of champagne and a couple bites of sushi.


I’ve been trying to come up with goals that can last more than just the year. I prefer to call them ”Long Term Life Goals” rather than ”New Year Goals” those seem to never last longer than mid summer.

  1. Focus on spiritual relationship with God
  2. Run 1/2 Marathon-March- Keep enjoying running
  3. Volunteer
  4. Save, Save, Save – practice good spending habits
  5. Learn a new dish weekly
  6. Drink more water
  7. Practice Yoga 3x week
  8. Be more adventurous
  9. Attend a Blogger Convention/Summit
  10. Share my blog with more family and friends
  11. Sorry I announced this on Twitter this morning: Run 2010 miles in the next year (I will attempt this)

Things I did/learned in 2009

  1. Discovered Healthy Living Blog
  2. Started and maintained blog
  3. Lost weight
  4. Started running again
  5. Saw oprah live
  6. Received two promotions at work
  7. Met many bloggers and developed friendships
  8. Finally felt like a real adult :)
  9. Learn to accept things I couldn’t change
  10. Stayed positive throughout the year

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3 O’Clock Oats

by Nicci on 10/04/2009

Nothing like 3 o’clock oats after spending the morning in the rain, taking a tent down & packing to go home.

PB&J with coconut sprinkled on top

nicoles pics 1304

nicoles pics 1302

Yummy,  I’m very happy and cozy on my couch now.

Besides the rain, camping turned out to be really fun.

One of the tents our friends slept in.

nicoles pics 1285

Fruit cup for breakfast.

nicoles pics 1270

Boca veggie burgers that we grilled for lunch. (corn on cob not pictured)

nicoles pics 1289

I had a strawberry margarita while playing games.

nicoles pics 1277

Jonah and Ashley

nicoles pics 1279

Played a couple drinking game too.

nicoles pics 1284

Friend Roe and I

nicoles pics 1283

Sun went down & we worked to start a fire. (Carlos’ feet: he does not take pictures, but he does exist)

nicoles pics 1293

Yea!! for lighter fluid coming to the rescue.

nicoles pics 1294

Overall, Friday night was fun b/c it was dry & Saturday morning was great too.  Around 2pm the rain started so some of us took a nap. After napping  we went to buy a tarp for the picnic table, so we could brake out more drinking games and eat more food.

Finally, this morning I was very happy to be going home & get dry. (blurry pic due to camera battery dying)

nicoles pics 1299

Had a great weekend, but we all said ”No more tents”  and rainy weather.


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A Camping We Will Go

by Nicci on 10/01/2009

Happy October

I’m currently doing loads of laundry, cleaning and packing.  I leave to go camping with friends right after work tomorrow!

Things To Do

  • laundry
  • clean
  • pack
  • buy flashlight
  • buy  glow sticks
  • buy juice for mixed drinks….hee hee

Caution, nothing food related but…

This girl is going camping for the second time in her life. I’ve been excited for all week now; a three hour  road trip to some town in the boondocks. Plus I’m not thrilled about no cabin this time :( I’m quite freaked out b/c I watch too many scary movies. I died laughing when my friend said ”were doing tents this year”. I forgot to mention to them ”Black straight girls, don’t camp unless in a cabin”.

I’ll be back with many pictures and a recap of fun.

Enough of my boring social life, now back to Foods…

I’d like to eat somewhat healthy, what should I pack??

So far all I’ve gathered is granola bars, Almond Butter, Veggie Burgers, and veggie dogs!

Thank you ladies for awarding me with Kreative Blogger: Taylor@JoyofFood and Jolene@EverdayFoodie


I’ll be sure to pass this around to other great bloggers.


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Busy Bee Saturday

by Nicci on 09/27/2009

I’m so sorry I forgot to include the recipe for the okra fries, may people have inquired about it!
* Toss the okra in a little bit of olive oil
* place the okra in a freezer bag with S&P and little bit of garlic salt (or whatever spices you’d like) then shake it up
* spread the okra out on the foil pan and turn oven on for 30 min @ 450

You can leave them in there longer depending on how crispy you want the okra

I have to say, I learned this recipe from Meghann!!

I leave you with this…I finally tried a Vita Top.

nicoles pics 1224

Love these 100 cal treats

I devoured it with grapes & yogurt. I then realized I didn’t take a pic..ooops

nicoles pics 1223

Plus I spent Saturday cleaning and straightening.  We were having friends over last night.

nicoles pics 1230

If your thinking green pillows w/ pink is weird….there are green stripes in the sofa. lol

nicoles pics 1229

A little dusting

nicoles pics 1232

Kitchen is now spic and span!!

nicoles pics 1235

Now I’m going to rest and enjoy my Sunday!


I woke up with arms feeling like jello.  I blame Jillian and the weights for this soar feeling. I’ve always used 5 lb dumbbells and I think I may need to go down to lighter weights. I realize with Jillian’s workouts we incorporate weights more than when I do The Firm workouts.

What size weights are you using with the 30 Day Shred?

Enjoy your Sunday

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