A Taste of Saturday

by Nicci on 07/10/2011

I had a great time getting together with Kari, one of my best friends, for lunch.  We decided on Chopsticks to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

I was feeling sushi, so I started with an eel roll.


My all time favorite roll to chow down on.



Kari decided on General Tao’s Chicken and rice.



I think it was a good choice!



I’m also sure this is our favorite restaurant in town, we always pick Chopsticks.


More sushi  (volcano roll)


Usually the volcano rolls are delicious, but I wasn’t feeling this one.  I think it was made in a hurry and too much sauce was added, on top.

So I ate a few rolls and left the rest.



Later that evening, Chris and I headed out to ‘’Taste of Dallas’’.  It was too hot outside, so we lingered around the inside booth areas to cool off. 

I had planned on checking out more booths to sample food, but the inside area with the jewelry shops had most of my attention.

We did check out Trailer Cakes, which was a really cute, local bakery selling mini-cupcakes.




I tried their popular PB&J cupcake, which the booth lady stated was awesome… and of course it was DELICIOUS!!


PBJ Cupcake


Then it was Spazmatic time!




I had to capture them singing Vanilla Ice, but ‘’Jessie’s Girl’’ is my favorite song they sing.



Definitely a fun weekend!



Thrifty Thursday

by Nicci on 06/30/2011

Craft Corner!

All that ribbon was purchased today, at the dollar tree…can you ever have enough?

I plan to to get crafty and enjoy the three day holiday weekend, away from the office.


I still haven’t decided what exactly I’m making but I’m sure it’s jewelry related.

Tonight Chris and I went to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop….delicious  and yet plenty of healthy, inexpensive menu options.

Chris has been  talking about Fuzzy’s for weeks now, so tonight we dined.

Yes, I did eat Fuzzy’s earlier with coworkers….it’s just that dang good.  I even had the same plate of grilled shrimp tacos too!  Can you even see the grilled shrimp…it’s hidden very well.

My kind of taco filled with lettuce and cilantro!



Followed by a massive cup of black beans!!



Anyways, I’m excited for July 1st tomorrow and have a few things I need to work on:

Cooking:  We’ve been eating out a lot with friends . As much as I love the company…cutting back and saving $$ would be nice.   I plan to have a dinner nights, at home and invite friends over; incorporating  games after dessert. 

Sounds like a good idea…plus it’s still incorporating ‘’friend time’’.

Reading: I keep downloading books onto my Kindle. I promised myself, no more books till I finish the new three, recently  downloaded .

Yoga: I already know, transitioning from one position at work to another…will require morning ZEN and ice coffee. Smile  I wish I could go into details about the strange/quirky people, I encounter at the office daily. (that would make a great 2nd blog) ha-ha.


Any plans for the holiday weekend? I plan to go swimming, eat grilled corn ,fruit salad and watch some FC Dallas soccer!



Houston Road Trip

by Nicci on 06/23/2011


Having fun in Houston!

Chris and I took a short road trip to watch the Gold Cup 2011, U.S. Men vs. Panama yesterday evening!

U.S won and afterwards we watched Mexico beat Honduras… huge crowds came out for this fun event!

Chris sporting my crazy American glasses!


Although were leaving tomorrow, it’s been fun. We discovered a new burger place down here…later found out there is actually one back home & took a tour of Houston’s NASA Space Center.

I’ll blog about today’s events later this week.



Bar-B-Que Food Fun Part I

by Nicci on 06/14/2011

I was asked to participate in Chevy ‘’Driving the Heartland- BBQ Tour’’ this past weekend. I’m talking food, and fun which had this ‘’foodie’’ loving every second.




All mine for the whole weekend…can you believe it??? I

was told a Chevy vehicle would be delivered to my house on Friday afternoon. I wasn’t aware of the model of vehicle until the Event company left me a voice mail message, that I had to play back FOUR times in order to make sure I was not dreaming.

Participating bloggers were all given a different Chevy vehicle to test drive.

We met up Saturday afternoon to sample delicious Texas BBQ…lots of meat, around Dallas. Our challenge was to use the OnStar features on our vehicles; guess each clue given to us, then using OnStar head to the next dining location.

Our first stop was Sonny Bryan’s BBQ , the Original location, in Dallas.

photo 3 (5)

One of my best friends, Kirstyn, joined me for this adventure.


Sonny Bryan’s fed us giant, crispy onion rings.


I had no problem eating a second ring, after trying a rib and brisket.

photo 2 (5)

Everyone enjoyed the smoked sausage, ribs, brisket while sipping on sweet tea.


I’m talking delicious, finger-licking Southern food!

More to come….

Do you like BBQ, what’s the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted? I love family cookouts and my grandmothers ribs!