A Taste of Saturday

by Nicci on 07/10/2011

I had a great time getting together with Kari, one of my best friends, for lunch.  We decided on Chopsticks to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

I was feeling sushi, so I started with an eel roll.


My all time favorite roll to chow down on.



Kari decided on General Tao’s Chicken and rice.



I think it was a good choice!



I’m also sure this is our favorite restaurant in town, we always pick Chopsticks.


More sushi  (volcano roll)


Usually the volcano rolls are delicious, but I wasn’t feeling this one.  I think it was made in a hurry and too much sauce was added, on top.

So I ate a few rolls and left the rest.



Later that evening, Chris and I headed out to ‘’Taste of Dallas’’.  It was too hot outside, so we lingered around the inside booth areas to cool off. 

I had planned on checking out more booths to sample food, but the inside area with the jewelry shops had most of my attention.

We did check out Trailer Cakes, which was a really cute, local bakery selling mini-cupcakes.




I tried their popular PB&J cupcake, which the booth lady stated was awesome… and of course it was DELICIOUS!!


PBJ Cupcake


Then it was Spazmatic time!




I had to capture them singing Vanilla Ice, but ‘’Jessie’s Girl’’ is my favorite song they sing.



Definitely a fun weekend!



Happy Independence Day

by Nicci on 07/04/2011

We started celebrating the Fourth of July, this past Saturday, at the FC Dallas soccer game. 

Here’s a short preview of the beautiful fireworks  I recorded.


FC Dallas Firework Show 2011


Houston Road Trip

by Nicci on 06/23/2011


Having fun in Houston!

Chris and I took a short road trip to watch the Gold Cup 2011, U.S. Men vs. Panama yesterday evening!

U.S won and afterwards we watched Mexico beat Honduras… huge crowds came out for this fun event!

Chris sporting my crazy American glasses!


Although were leaving tomorrow, it’s been fun. We discovered a new burger place down here…later found out there is actually one back home & took a tour of Houston’s NASA Space Center.

I’ll blog about today’s events later this week.



Sometimes I’m Crafty

by Nicci on 01/17/2011

New Years Eve rolled around I was able to get a little crafty for the occasion.  I was ringing in the new year, but  also celebrating my cousin’s birthday.  This was the perfect time to make a fun masquerade mask.

Midnight Masquerade!

I checked out my favorite store, The Dollar Tree, for inexpensive craft materials.  Kirstyn came over later and we got started on designing our masks.

Materials used:

  • $1Store feathered mask
  • $1Store glitter glue
  • rhinestones of any color ($3 a pack from Hobby Lobby)
  • chopstick  ( we scored last minute, finding some in my kitchen drawer)
  • hot glue gun (borrowed from a friend)

Total: $5 Masquerade Mask!

Good Times!

My favorite craft blogs:

My next craft adventure will be crocheting again and making a tunnel scarf.

What was your last craft adventure?

Have a great Monday!!


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