A Taste of Saturday

by Nicci on 07/10/2011

I had a great time getting together with Kari, one of my best friends, for lunch.  We decided on Chopsticks to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

I was feeling sushi, so I started with an eel roll.


My all time favorite roll to chow down on.



Kari decided on General Tao’s Chicken and rice.



I think it was a good choice!



I’m also sure this is our favorite restaurant in town, we always pick Chopsticks.


More sushi  (volcano roll)


Usually the volcano rolls are delicious, but I wasn’t feeling this one.  I think it was made in a hurry and too much sauce was added, on top.

So I ate a few rolls and left the rest.



Later that evening, Chris and I headed out to ‘’Taste of Dallas’’.  It was too hot outside, so we lingered around the inside booth areas to cool off. 

I had planned on checking out more booths to sample food, but the inside area with the jewelry shops had most of my attention.

We did check out Trailer Cakes, which was a really cute, local bakery selling mini-cupcakes.




I tried their popular PB&J cupcake, which the booth lady stated was awesome… and of course it was DELICIOUS!!


PBJ Cupcake


Then it was Spazmatic time!




I had to capture them singing Vanilla Ice, but ‘’Jessie’s Girl’’ is my favorite song they sing.



Definitely a fun weekend!



Girl Talk Over Frozen Yogurt

by Nicci on 08/21/2010

What makes GIRL TALK even better?

Eating delicious frozen yogurt of course.

I went to Yogurt Story this evening with my bestie Kirstyn.  Kirstyn started a new job and we haven’t been able to talk on gchat during the work week. 

 I attempted to go for frozen yogurt on my Chicago trip, but they have weird hours…closing at 8pm on the weekends!

So I was very happy for yogurt time!

In the Mix:

  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Alpine Vanilla
  • granola
  • white chocolate chips

The Red Velvet Cake sounded delicious but was too sweet for my taste buds.

 The Alpine Vanilla was hidden under there….somewhere.

Sadly, they didn’t have the green tea flavor available.

  • raspberries
  • watermelon
  • kiwi
  • mango
  • coconut
  • Oh wait….there were gummi bears in the mix too.

    So many flavors of fun.

    This reminded me of the first time I tried Yogurt Story, after a Blogger Meet Up with Trinity, Heather and Kelsey!

    nicoles pics 415

    Good times.

    I will now get back to my glass of wine and my Life Time movie addiction.

    Good Night :)


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    Full Belly T-Day

    by Nicci on 11/27/2009

    Gobble Gobble Gobble

    Chris and I headed to my family’s place to eat around 12 yesterday.  My family actually eats Thanksgiving lunch and then spend the rest of the day watching football or going to a movie.  My Mother did  a great job once again, like every year!


    nicoles pics 215

    Mac n Cheese

    nicoles pics 219


    nicoles pics 211


    nicoles pics 220


    nicoles pics 218

    More veggies

    nicoles pics 221

    My Plate

    nicoles pics 224

    I enjoyed every bite of this meal!!

    nicoles pics 223

    I ate one plate at my family’s and then we headed to Chris’ Aunt’s. I then had a small serving of salad, corn, turkey, sweet potato and slice of pumpkin cake drizzled w/ caramel and pecans. His Uncle made the cake and it was so delicious, I’ll have to get the recipe!

    We watched the Longhorns and Cowboys kick butt!!

    I didn’t even realize I forgot to eat cranberry sauce at my Mom’s and I didn’t eat cornbread or rolls….oh well! :)

    P.S  Don’t Text and Drive

    This occurred on Tuesday, but I didn’t know till yesterday

    We arrived at my Family’s house for Thanks Giving, to see no mailbox.  A teenage girl came around the corner too fast and skidded down the street.  My Mother said, all they heard was a big BOOM; then she ran outside too see a CAR FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN. She claimed the life of the ”brick” mailbox and luckily the light post, next to the box stopped the car. The police came and took a report, then she cried and couldn’t remember her parents phone number. Duh! She knew she was in big trouble…her boyfriend came to pick her up but her vehicle took two hours to tow and flip back over. lol

    Please don’t Text and Drive

    What was your favorite dish?

    Friday Schedule:

    1. Running, Yoga
    2. Laundry
    3. Shopping at ”one” store for shirt tonight
    4. Attending a friend’s Bachelorette party

    I just learned this via Twitter:

    Amazing Grass Products: type in ”greenfriday”, to receive 30% off TODAY…all products. I just started drinking their powder mixes in my smoothies, it’s good stuff!


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    Baking and Holiday Excitement

    by Nicci on 11/15/2009

    ”Baking Challenged” over here…until now. I actually baked a yummy dessert today for a guest post.

    Sneak Peak….

    nicoles pics 164

    Can you guess what I baked? I was working on a Guest post for Mary at Fit this Girl.  I’m envious of the vacation she is taking next week to Germany. Please take me with you Mary! (I’ll be sure to link to this post next week)

    I spent my Sunday lounging around the apartment baking and reading a book.  Sunday is my day of rest for exercise, my upper body is sore from yesterdays workout.

    I couldn’t resist Christmas items when I stopped at my favorite dollar store yesterday.


    nicoles pics 165

    Christmas bears.

    nicoles pics 166

    I thought wanted to share my Christmas List with you guys as well.  Yes, I know we haven’t made it to Thanksgiving yet, but I couldn’t resist.

    Nicci’s Christmas List

    1. GARMIN forerunner 305
    2. Food processor
    3. Cookbooks
    4. Cannon Rebel
    5. GLEE soundtrack, (GLEE on dvd comes out after Christmas)
    6. Wicked tickets for Summer Musical 2010 in Dallas. (I say Wicked 2 yrs. ago and plan to watch it two times this time around)

    Wow, all fitness and blogger related items so far!

    I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even come, but what’s on are your  Christmas list?

    To answer some readers comments:

    I’m currently running outside instead of the treadmill; preparing for a 5k. I learned the 5k I planned to run, is the same day as a wedding I’m attending. I’m trying to decide on a 5k for later this month or next month…decisions.

    Wasa crackers are good and crunchy. Check out their website for yummy recipes.


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