Getting My Austin Greek On

by Nicci on 09/13/2010

I’m in the great City of Austin for a HUD training this week until Friday.

My goal this week is to study after classes, but also fit in some fun and check out the city.



Felt like a dream rolling out of bed for a 5:30am treadmill run.

That was a first in a loooong time to be up that early!

Work out

Big FAIL forgetting to pack my earphones so I watched TV and busted out 3 miles on the treadmill.

Hotel Fitness Center

Back in my room, I pulled out my Yoga mat for AB exercises.Yoga Mat

The tummy started to rumbled so I made my way to the hotel breakfast bar.

Avoided the good looking doughnuts….boooo LOL

Picked up a strawberry yogurt & banana.

Yogurt n fruit

Then came the no flavor eggs and a good half of a bagel with PB & honey.


Greek for Lunch!!

Met a nice lady in class who suggested Greek; so my coworkers and I followed her to ”Austin Greek Deli”, a tiny Mom & Pop deli!

So my coworkers have never eaten Greek but they were daring & adventurous today.

Usually, they are very,very, picky eaters. Shocked they even said YES!



Austin Greek

HUGE Gyro filled with greens with seasoned fries on the side.


Greek Salad :)

Greek salad

The service was fast and the food was the BOMBdelicious!  Thanks to Cathy, the lady we met in class. 

She definitely knew her Greek food ;)

What’s a new City you visited lately? Did you try any new foods or restaurants?


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Healthy Living Summit 2010 Part I

by Nicci on 08/17/2010

I’m still on cloud nine from the Healthy Living Summit: Bloggers for a Balanced Lifestyle.  I met the so many amazing people, finally met bloggers I’ve tweeted and chatted with for over a year and learned a great deal of information.

Welcome to downtown Chicago.



After checking into the hotel and meeting my roommates, we met with some other bloggers and headed to Raw for lunch.


My first Raw experience. 

The owner provided samples for us to try.

A delicious raw ravioli, way tastier than cooked ravioli. 

 Raw lemon square dessert.

I tried the raw Spaghetti and Meatballs. Perfecttion.

Orange Silky truffles for dessert…Yum

Everyone enjoyed the raw experience and I know I’ll definitely need to try more raw foods, in my local area!

(myself, Dorry, Jessica, Courtney, Jessie, Erin)

Later that night, we caught the Blue Line to the OpenSky Cocktail Party at Laselle Power Co.


I loved meeting bloggers friends in real life.

Morgan and I

Swanky Party on the third level of Lasalle Power Co.

 Freya, myself, Shannon and CaSaundra

After a few drinks, eats and chatting I headed back to the hotel with my roommates to prepare for the first day of the Summit. The party was only three hours but I was dead tired from traveling and packing the night before.

Whose eaten Raw food before, what was your favorite dish?

Big thanks to my Chicago HLS trip sponsor again!!

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Sweet and Perfect Hump Day Lunch

by Nicci on 04/07/2010

My co-worker, Carlos, and I decided to eat lunch at Sweet Basil for lunch.  This restaurant never disappoints.

We started off with an appetizer

spring rolls PLEASE!!

Followed by soup consisting of  mushrooms and chicken in a savory sauce…silly me forgot the name of it too.

I went with the Sweet & Sour Chicken and brown rice.  One of my favorite dishes that they offer. I try new dishes, but I always return to this dish.

Every bite was delicious.

I left with a ”food baby” in my stomach. I believe it was due to all the extra chicken they had in the soup today.

~Tonight Chris and I are going to the Rangers game with friends. I’m excited for Baseball Season and our friend Amy is making Lentil Veggie burgers…can’t wait to eat those.  I think that’s better than eating $1 hot dogs :)

Who else loves baseball; whats your favorite team?


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Giving Thanks

by Nicci on 11/25/2009

Giving Thanks:

  1. My personal relationship with God (Phil 4:13)
  2. Family- I couldn’t ask for a better one in the world
  3. Wonderful boyfriend Chris- who puts up with my silliness and makes me smile! KISSES
  4. Friends- I have such a great group that I love and are always there for me.
  5. Dog- I love my Missy, she keeps me young. lol
  6. Healthy- In mind, spirit and body
  7. Blogging Community- my readers, fellow blogger’s are AWESOME!!

Tomorrow’s plans include eating with my Family and then driving about an hour South to eat with Chris’ family.  We will be eating at his Aunts this year and watching two football games!!  Texas Longhorns Baby!

Smell of Fresh Banana.

nicoles pics 198

My all time favorite fruit

nicoles pics 197

Chai Tea LUNA bar

nicoles pics 201

I loved this bar, best LUNA EVER

Office Workout:

  1. 3 set of 12 squats
  2. 30 crunches
  3. 30 reverse crunches
  4. 3 set of 12 reverse lunges

Lunch:  My office was invited to tour a new Senior Living Community and they provided lunch from Palio’s!  I love Palio’s and the pasta, was just as delicious as the pizza.  I loved the Apts we toured…beautiful place, but I’m not 55 for another 20+ years.

Tonight’s Menu:

Annie’s Mac n Cheese (HOLY YUM), homemade turkey burger and corn.

nicoles pics 204
I love eating on my new Christmas plate!!

nicoles pics 207

Nom, nom, nom…gotta love a great dinner.

Evening Workout:

  1. 3 mile run/walk
  2. 45 min Cardio- The Firm

What are you thankful for? Are you traveling to be with family?

Good Night,



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