Baked Oats to Warm The Heart

by Nicci on 02/11/2010

Today is a SNOW DAY here in Texas! Meaning my office is closed and hopefully Friday too, in order to have a fabulous 5 day weekend!  I only hope that the snow does not ruin any weekend plans.

This weekend Chris and I will be attending the Vagina Monologues.  The Vagina Monologues is part of an amazing global movement called V Day.

It addresses violence against women and children. We went to the play last year and it was humorous but also some monologues were sad.

Extra Bonus: RENT is being performed on stage by our local community college.  Chris and I are going with a group of friends on Friday. I love this musical… I’ve got all the songs on my ipod, cd in car and the movie.

 I tend to break out the RENT soundtrack when I have parties…all the straight people tend to leave. Wait! maybe that’s why I have few straight friends attending my parties. :)

What to eat on a snowy day…something warm.


Baked Oats with Banana

Missy always pops up when she smells something cooking in the kitchen.

Agenda in the snow:

  • 30 Day Shred- (I don’t run in the snow, so no 2 miles)
  • Post office – mail packages and V-day cards
  • Grocery store
  • Cleaning

 I might as well take advantage of this day off and get things rolling.

Anyone stuck indoors or having to work in the snow? What’s your snow story?

 Vitalicious asked me to share their new giveaway with my readers.  I know diamonds are my best friends!

While Vitalicious’ nutrient-packed, 100-calorie VitaTops and VitaMuffins are the perfect gift all on their own, they are sweetening the deal with a genuine, diamond-studded Tiffany Pendant valued at $800! This is going on through February in honor of National Heart Month and Valentine’s Day:

To enter, visit

Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, you will be automatically entered to win one of 150 one-monthsupplies of VitaTops!

They’ll notify winners in March.

Have a great Thursday!


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Vitalicious Review

by Nicci on 10/15/2009

October is definitely a very busy month for me.  I’ve been cross-training at work which means I have a bigger work load, until my coworker comes back from Maternity Leave. 

I’ve never been big on 100 cal snacks because I didn’t feel they kept me satisfied. In fact I could eat about 2 packs and still be hungry. That was the case until I’d heard of Vita tops & wondered what they were and how they tasted!  How could I get my hands on this product that every blogger seems to love?


Well, the nice people at Vitalicous sent me free samples to test taste and review.  Vitalicious has vitatops, muffins, mixes, cakes, brownies and coffee.  All products are 100 cals, 4-7g of Fiber, 4g of Protein, low fat, trans-fat free, no cholesterol and contain up to 15 vitamins & minerals.

My Thoughts

  • I like that Vitalicious  products can stay fresh for 5+ shelf days or store in your freezer up to 9 months.  I’ve been keeping mine in the freezer, also my way of not eating them up in a week.
  • Appleberry VitaTop was one of my favorite muffins. Although I didn’t taste the apple chunks, I did taste the blue berries and cranberries.


  • I loved the Chocolate VitaBrownie for all the walnuts it contained :)  Chris tried the brownie and didn’t care for the taste of it.  He said it tasted like a ”diet brownie”, too bland and too many walnuts for him.


  •  The Blueberry Vitatop was also delicious and it paired well with my blueberry yourt for breakfast!



 I like Vitalicious products and still have many tops and muffins to sample.  I recevied these samples for free and I would purchase them online. I like that they are not expensive and can be purchased by the dozen for $14-16.  So, basically your paying under $1.50 for each, which is pretty cheap in my book!

I’m hoping the ”Vitalicious Fairy” will send me their cakes and mixes to sample! :-)

Have you tried Vitalicious products, what’s your favorite top, muffin or cake?

(Vitalicious products are also available in stores like Whole Foods, Publix,  and Krogers. Please check their website for more stores.)

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